Showcasing your home to buyers.

  1. Keep it uncluttered.
    It will be neater and look larger. You want to convey a spacious feeling.
  2. Keep it clean.
    This creates the impression that your home has been well cared for. Fresh paint makes rooms look clean and new.
  3. Keep it repaired.
    Fix it before the buyer inquires about it. The need for repairs can make or break a sale.
  4. Keep it neutral.
    Get rid of distracting colors and personal accessories. Neutral colors and simple decor help someone visualize
    their own belongings in a room.
  5. Keep it inviting.
    Make your home memorable! Fresh flowers and fresh clean smells make your house more attractive.
  6. Keep it light and bright.
    Open curtains and drapes to let the sunshine in. Turn on the lights so your rooms come to life.
  7. Showtime!
    Make a final check of every room. Put away any toys, clothes, food or other “left out” items.