First impressions count.

The Small Details: With the key steps in mind, take a specific inventory of your home.


  • Trim, weed and tidy up lawn and garden
  • Clean up pet areas; resod or seed
  • Repair screens, windows and doors
  • Add fresh mulch under shrubs
  • Add potted or hanging flowers to deck or porch

In The Kitchen

  • Clear away extra small appliances
  • Remove stains and items from sink
  • Straighten memo areas and remove papers
  • Clean and deodorize vent or exhaust hood In The Bathroom
  • Clean counters of extra toiletries. Store them out of sight
  • Remove stains and mold from sink, tub or shower
  • Patch, caulk and grout as needed
  • Put out attractive “for-show-only” towels

In The Living and Family Rooms

  • Rearrange furniture for a more spacious feel
  • Remove any extra pieces and store
  • Spot clean carpets or rugs
  • Have neutral paint or wallpaper
  • Accent with fresh flowers
  • Open the shades and drapes to let in light

In The Bedroom

  • Straighten up closets. Box and store clothing, shoes, etc., as necessary
  • Arrange toys to look appealing
  • Add curtains or valances to rooms without them
  • Remove attention-getting posters

In The Basement or Garage

  • Thoroughly clean and deodorize areas where pets sleep or spend time
  • Straighten tools and laundry area
  • Sweep floors; clean up grease spots
  • Get rid of any items you won’t be taking with you