The Weichert Story

Weichert. Built and led by real real estate people “ People buy people before they buy products and services, and we believe Weichert people are the very best.”

On a warm spring day in his very first year in real estate, Jim Weichert was invited to meet a couple looking for someone to help sell their home. He began by going all over their house, talking to them about its best features. Then he invested extra time to appreciate everything about their home’s exterior, even walking the property line. He ended up in their basement, down on one knee in his best suit reading their hot water heater. The couple liked him immediately and trusted him; they appreciated his willingness to go the extra mile. From then on, Jim worked hard to get to know every prospect he met and to earn their trust. What’s more, he never stopped working to keep his relationships up. That’s why so many of his customers came back to him and even told their friends and family members, “I know a guy in real estate you’re gonna love working with.” Jim had discovered a great way to set himself apart from his competition. But even he couldn’t have imagined that it would lead to a Weichert family of companies that’s one of the nation’s leading providers of real estate-related services. Yet, his determination to do everything possible to help people move into the home of their dreams led exactly there. Today, his philosophy and the resulting selling system that his co-president and son, James, has organized as the Weichert Way, continue to be the basis of our success.
  • Founded in 1969 by Jim Weichert. Today, he and his son James run one of the largest family-owned real estate companies in the U.S.
  • Drawing on their own experience as sales associates, Jim and James have created a company that answers to buyers, sellers, and their families
  • Today, Weichert serves key markets throughout the U.S. with over 500 offices
  • Serving nearly 200,000 customers each year, The Weichert Family of Companies is the Complete Homeownership Solution for all your home selling and financing needs